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Edouard was born and raised in Bordeaux. From a very young age Edouard developed his interest in music and by the time he reached 13 years old he had discovered his passion for the guitar, which later became his instrument of choice. So in 1999, Edouard joined the Music Academy International in Nancy and was voted “Most Promising Musician” of the year and gained the congratulations of the jury.


In 2003, among thousands of candidates, Edouard was chosen to be part of the TV reality show Star Academy. This program generated over 10 million viewers each week for 9 years, and was the biggest music television program broadcast in Europe. He also performed on Star Academy’s 100 date touring schedule, with performances in some of the biggest concert halls in France, such as Parc des Princes (attended by over 40,000 spectators and broadcast on TV to over 10 million viewers).  


Following the tour, Edouard joined the David Berland Orchestra for 5 seasons on a TV reality program - this has allowed him to gain great experience in live performances. During these 5 years, Edouard had the honor to perform alongside many international artists such as Lionel Richie, Al Jarrow, Céline Dion, Phil Collins. Through such work, Edouard has become synonymous with incredible musicianship and amazing entertainment.


Edouard has recorded most of the music for TV programs in France with David Berland’s Orchestra. This includes creating music for hundreds of TV shows that have welcomed all the greatest French artists.


In 2011, for instance, the producer Michel Ocelot (Kirikou) asked Edouard to compose the music for his next show "Princes et Princesses" which played to a sold out audience in the Martigny Theater, Champs Élysée. Soon later, the composer Matthieu Lamboley contracted Edouard to work on the soundtrack for a number of projects such as Odino and Cinématographique (Toute première fois, un petit boulot). 


In 2013, Gerard Depalmas (the most popular French artist on radio since the year 2000 until today - with 4 millions albums sold) contacted Edouard to record 2 albums, which each became double platinum albums. Edouard is currently touring with this artist.


In 2014, Charles Aznavour Chef Orchestra Eric Wilms asked Edouard to join a touring event for the iconic French singers 90th. They toured in many places such as Israel, Spain, Germany and Armenia, hosting the president of France, François Hollande. Edouard also went on to play in the legendary Royal Albert Hall in London.


In 2015, together with the French artist & singer Zaz (who has more then 4 millions albums sold), began an around the world tour performing in such places as Japan, Russia, Lithuania, Turkey, Spain, England and Poland. They also performed at prestigious jazz events such as Jazz in Marciac, and the Stuttgart Jazz Open, where Zaz shares the posters with Jamie Cullum.


Finally in 2016, Edouard recorded the last album of Gerard Depalmas. At the same time, new doors have been opening for Edouard in the music advertising industry in TV, radio, and internet.   Presently, he is composing the music for the popular European cosmetic brand Sephora, along with the music for the 170th of LU biscuits, and the latest Nescafé advertisement.


Edouard’s career has been and continues to be exceptional. His passion for music and his work has made him one of the most recognizable musicians in France.

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